Plucky Clover

Catnip Caper
November 24, 2009, 12:29 pm
Filed under: Mother, Sisters, Treats

Uh oh! Look what I found on the kitchen floor!

I found that someone had taken the catnip bag off of the kitchen counter (major no-no, we aren’t allowed up there) and tore a big hole in it, getting all over the kitchen floor. Upon investigation, Baby, Steve-O and Sheesha were covered in the pilfered nip!

However, my mother was able to catch the perpetrator in the act. It was Steve-O! Naughty, naughty Steve-O!


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Hello plucky! Or is it Clover? Thank you very much for the LOVELY message you left me on my blog!
I love your banner picture, with you peeping like that! :-)

You should drop a line to the cat blogosphere to let them know you have such a lovely blog, and then all the other kitty bloggers will come over and say hello too!

Comment by Freya

Hi Clover! I saw your comment over on Freya’s blog so I thought I’d drop in and say hello! Come and visit me some time! I’m all the way down in Australia.

Comment by Huffle Mawson

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